Brett Hughes

Hughes, Co-founder and Vice President of Lacrosse the Nation, grew up in Ohio and has been involved in sports and teaching sports nearly his whole life. Since the 8th grade, this has included everything from helping out with individuals at a mentorship level to helping instruct camps in various sports. Leaving Ohio to pursue an education and lacrosse at the University of Virginia, Brett enjoyed success at both a personal and team level. Starting every game all four years for the Cavaliers, he helped lead his team to win a NCAA Championship in 2003.

After college, he was forced to take a year off before being drafted to play in the MLL. During that time he started to realize that lacrosse provided him so much more off field than he ever thought possible. Working as an afterschool coordinator for a local athletic club, he decided that being around kids, and using lacrosse to teach them valuable life skills above and beyond the game, was something he wanted to pursue.

He finally got that chance after moving to LA and working for ESPN RISE, where he helps tell the stories of high school lacrosse players and sets up events for high school lacrosse athletes. However, it was not until a trip on New Years Day of 2009 that his dream came true, and his life and ideas of lacrosse changed with a visit to La Chureca. It was here, with this new found organization, that he realized how important this sport is and what it is truly capable of off the field. Living in Hermosa Beach, CA, but traveling all over the world to help spread the game, Brett brings the lacrosse community together to realize the true meaning of the sport and what it looks like to be ambassadors of hope for those in need.