Collins Hemingway

Collins Hemingway is a business consultant, marketing expert, and executive coach who helps leaders instill creativity, solve complex problems, and make difficult decisions quickly in today’s demanding business market. He specializes in teaching leaders how to treat employees and customers in ways that help companies survive the tough times and position themselves for growth in the good times that will follow.

Collins Hemingway has worked in the business and technology arena for 30 years. As Director of Business Development and International Marketing for Microsoft Corporation, Hemingway was an integral part of the company that virtually defined the Digital Revolution. He was responsible for co-marketing programs with computer manufactures and major software developers and traveled around the world to launch Microsoft's high-end business system products. Between 1987 and 1994, he was involved in the introduction of every Microsoft systems product.

He joined the high-tech industry after a thirteen-year career in journalism in which he was responsible for the newsroom adoption of computer technology and helped implement electronic newspaper operation in the world.

Through his firm Escape Velocity Ventures, he lectures and writes on topics as diverse as management, aviation, medicine, technology futures and the importance of conscience in creating profitable enterprises.