David Katz

David L. Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight control, and the prevention of chronic disease. He is also recognized internationally as an authority on evidence-based, integrative medicine.

He is an Associate Professor (adjunct) of Public Health Practice, and formerly the Director of Medical Studies in Public Health, at the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Katz directs Yale University's Prevention Research Center which he co-founded in 1998. As director of this clinical research laboratory dedicated to chronic disease prevention, Katz has served as Principal Investigator for numerous community and clinical trials, and has acquired and managed well over $20 million in research funds.

Dr. Katz earned his BA from Dartmouth College (in 3 years), his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and his MPH from the Yale University School of Public Health. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, and Preventive Medicine/Public Health.

In his role as medical educator, Dr. Katz has directed courses and provided lectures for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year medical students; medical residents; public health students; nursing students; PA students; and undergraduates at Yale University.

In 1996, Dr. Katz played a lead role in designing, and implementing, one of the nation's first combined residency training programs in Internal Medicine & Preventive Medicine, at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT. He served as director of the residency program from 1998 to 2000. This novel program, published in Academic Medicine (Katz DL et al. An integrated residency in internal and preventive medicine. Acad Med. 2000;75:41-9), leads to board eligibility in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine in four years of training, and includes a MPH degree awarded by the Yale School of Public Health.

In 2000, Katz founded, and directs, the Integrative Medicine Center (IMC) at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT, a unique facility in which conventionally trained and naturopathic physicians work collaboratively to provide patients with evidence-based, holistic care. This model program has been described in published papers, and presented at professional conferences around the United States, and abroad. Clinical innovations at the IMC include novel therapies for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and Parkinson's disease, some currently under evaluation through clinical trials. The IMC is the site of one of the nation's few residency training programs in Integrative Medicine, co-founded and co-directed by Dr. Katz, and provided each year to one recent graduate of a Naturopathic medical college. Katz represents Yale University on the steering committee of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers in Integrative Medicine.

Katz has published over 100 scientific articles and chapters; innumerable abstracts, newsletter articles, book reviews, health columns, essays, poems; and 11 books to date. Among these are a nutrition textbook for clinicians ("Nutrition in Clinical Practice," Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001), used widely in medical education including at the Harvard School of Medicine. The 2nd edition of this nutrition textbook is newly released (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008); the 3rd edition of a preventive medicine textbook he co-authored was also recently published (Jekel JF, Katz DL, Elmore JG, Wild DMG. Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine. Third Edition. Saunders, Elsevier. Philadelphia, PA. 2007).

Elected to the governing board of the American College of Preventive Medicine in 2002, and elected President of the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine in 2004, Katz has twice been recognized as one of America's top physicians in Preventive Medicine by the Consumers' Research Council of America. He was inducted as a Fellow into the American College of Preventive Medicine in 2002 (FACPM), and the American College of Physicians in 2006 (FACP). In 2007, he was named the honorary Nutrition Fellow for Hunter College (NY, NY), and awarded the Rickett's Prize for outstanding contributions to cardiovascular medicine by the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey, CA. In 2008, he was recognized by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of New Haven,, CT and by Shape Up Rhode Island with awards honoring his contributions to public health. In 2009, Dr. Katz is receiving the Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health.

In 2005, Dr. Katz became a Medical Contributor for ABC News, with regular appearances on Good Morning America, and occasional appearances on 20/20, World News Tonight, and other ABC programming, and served in this role to March, 2007. He is currently an ABC News Medical Consultant. Also in 2005, Dr. Katz became a syndicated health/nutrition columnist for The New York Times.

Katz is the nutrition columnist to 'O,' the Oprah Magazine (his column, entitled 'The Way to Eat,' has appeared in every issue since March, 2002); as of March, 2007 'The Way to Eat' column was expanded from one to two pages per issue. He is a frequent contributor of expert opinion on nutrition and obesity to the news media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, HealthDay News, The Associated Press, Reuters, and others. He is a contributing editor to 'O' Magazine, and a member of the editorial advisory boards Health Magazine, Arbor Nutrition Updates, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and Men's Health. In 2007, he became a member of the editorial advisory board of Prevention Magazine, and now provides a daily blog at www.prevention.com. He serves as a peer reviewer for many of the most prestigious biomedical journals, and has served as a member of grant review panels for both the NIH and the CDC. He has authored a weekly preventive medicine column for Connecticut's New Haven Register since 1997.

Katz and his work have been featured in multiple issues of Men's Health magazine, three cover-story articles in TIME magazine, and in Newsweek, with frequent contributions to a long list of other best-selling magazines including Shape, Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Child, Parenting, Glamour, Woman's World, Ladies Home Journal, Business Week, The Economist, Marie Claire, Prevention, Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, US News & World Report, and others. He has appeared on The Today Show, 20/20, 48 HOURS, World News Tonight, NiteBeat, PBS, CNN, the BBC & NPR radio, The Montel Williams Show, The History Channel, VH1, and more. He was a featured speaker at the TIME Magazine/ABC News Obesity Summit in Williamsburg, VA, in June, 2004, has appeared repeatedly on PBS' popular medical program, "2nd Opinion," as well as in a PBS mini-series on the obesity epidemic, hosted by Walter Cronkite, in 2005. Also in 2005, he appeared as the medical/nutrition expert on a weight loss program entitled 'Celebrity Fit Club,' produced for VH1. His Op-Ed's on the obesity epidemic and related topics have appeared in The Hartford Courant, Orlando Sentinel, New York Newsday, ABC.com, Houston Chronicle, and The Wall Street Journal. His work on the Overall Nutritional Quality Index (ONQI; www.onqi.com) resulted in a front-page article in the New York Times (12/1/07), and an editorial in USA Today (12/6/07).

Dr. Katz has been an expert consultant on obesity control to the US Secretary of Health; the US FDA Commissioner; several Governors; private corporations; and the health insurance industry. He has served as an advisor on weight control policy to the National Governors Association, and gave the opening plenary address at a meeting of the nation's governors in Washington, D.C., in February, 2006 (video of speech available at: http://www.c-spanstore.org/shop/index.php?main_page=product_video_info&products_id=191361-2). He has served as consultant to the World Health Organization on standards of scientific evidence in complementary/alternative and traditional medicine (Abu Dhabi; United Arab Emirates: December, 2007).

Katz lectures on effective strategies for weight control and better nutritional health to audiences ranging from elementary school children, to academic colleagues and public health leaders, and has speaking engagements booked a year in advance, or more. In 2005, he joined the prestigious Harry Walker Agency speakers' bureau. He has been the keynote speaker at innumerable professional conferences throughout the US and abroad, frequently earning standing ovations from his audiences. He has presented his research and perspectives at annual meetings of The American Diabetes Association, The American College of Cardiology, The American Heart Association, The American Dietetic Association, The North American Association for the Study of Obesity, The American College of Preventive Medicine, The American Public Health Association, The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and more.

He and his wife, Catherine, have developed an innovative nutrition training program for elementary school students and their parents, The Nutrition Detectives Program, now being piloted by schools in as many as 20 states, and adopted district-wide in Independence, Missouri; evaluation of the program is on-going. Katz has also developed a physical activity program for schools entitled ABC for Fitness (activity bursts in the classroom), intended to distribute bouts of physical activity throughout the school day to cultivate fitness, dissipate restless energy, improve behavior and concentration, and enhance academic performance. This program, too, is currently under evaluation in the elementary schools of the Independence, MO district. These programs, along with others directed toward obesity prevention and control and health promotion for families, comprise a research agenda for which Dr. Katz is currently raising funds through his non-profit organization, Turn the Tide Foundation, Inc., established in 2006. One of the goals of Turn the Tide is to provide Nutrition Detectives and ABC for Fitness to every elementary school in North America. Details are available at www.davidkatzmd.com.

Katz and his wife have provided nutrition/cooking lessons to both children and adults at the Silo Cooking School in New Milford, CT, where Chef Jacques Pepin, among others, also teaches. During the summer of 2006, they provided a series of cooking classes at Central Market locations throughout Texas. The Katz' recipes have been featured on television programs in both the US and Canada, in 'O' Magazine, Child Magazine, Women's Health & Fitness, and elsewhere; and are the basis for the meal plan in their ground-breaking "The Flavor Point Diet," and an on-line program for weight control and health promotion at www.thewaytoeat.net.

Katz holds 5 patents to date on inventions related to health promotion. Patents are pending for the Overall Nutritional Quality Index, a nutrient profiling system developed by an international team of scientists led by Katz, and currently in over 500 supermarkets throughout the United States (see www.nuval.com).

His hobbies include cooking, creative writing, carpentry, skiing, hiking, and equestrianism. His professional time is currently allocated to clinical research; teaching; patient care; media activities; and public speaking. Katz practiced primary care/Internal Medicine for over 15 years, and early in his career worked part-time as an emergency physician during a 6-year period; his clinical activity is now limited to the Integrative Medicine Center. For more information about the clinic, visit www.imc-griffin.org or call 203-732-1370.

Katz and his family love delicious and nutritious food that loves them back. He works out at least 40 minutes most days, committed to "practicing what he preaches." He believes he should not be offering advice to patients, readers, or the public that he himself would be unwilling to follow.

In 2009, Dr. Katz was nominated for the position of U.S. Surgeon General by the American College of Physicians, the American College of Preventive Medicine, the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and the Association of Yale Alumni in Publc Health, along with other national and international organizations, state Governors and members of the US Congress.

Katz lives in CT with his wife Catherine, and their three younger children: Valerie (14); Natalia (13); and Gabriel (10). Their oldest daughter, Rebecca (20), is a student at the University of Vermont, and their next oldest, Corinda (19), at the University of Michigan.