Jackson Kaguri

Mr. Kaguri is from Uganda in East Africa. He has been actively involved with nonprofit organizations since 1992. In Uganda, Mr. Kaguri co-founded a human rights organization called Human Rights Concerns to help victims of human rights violations in Uganda and to educate the public about their rights. Mr. Kaguri came to the U.S. in 1995 as a visiting scholar studying Human Rights Advocacy at Columbia University in New York. Since that time he has been involved extensively in international community efforts as a Programs Assistant for People's Decade for Human Rights Education (PDHRE International - New York) and as a volunteer for various nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Kaguri initiated Nyaka and Kutamba AIDS Orphans Schools (projects of STSAD, Inc.) in a rural village in Uganda. These community schools provide quality education, housing, and support to orphans who would otherwise not have access to formal and informal education. The effort has involved not only Mr. Kaguri's participation in community service activities to help the orphans of Uganda, but has also involved fundraising efforts in the U.S. to heighten the awareness of the cultural issues surrounding the HIV/AIDS pandemic for active donors and supporters of this project.

Mr. Kaguri currently serves as the Executive Director of the Nyaka AIDS Foundation.