John Bilheimer

  John "Johnny" Bilheimer, grew up and attended public schools in Little Rock through the 9th grade.  But as a result of the 1957-59 Central High School crisis, he left the State to attend a private high school , Phillips Andover Academy, in Massachusetts - where he met our third speaker, John Kane. 
       Johnny returned to Arkansas for college, graduating from the University of Arkansas before returning to Massachusetts for Law School, graduating from Harvard in 1970.  He then came back to Arkansas, starting his legal career as Judge Eisele's very first law clerk, before entering private law practice in Little Rock - handling a large number of civil rights cases.  In 1987, Johnny  moved to Washington, DC, where he has handled tax litigation as a lawyer for the United States Department of Justice.  In May of 2019, Johnny will retire from the practice of law - just shy of 50 years as a licensed lawyer.