John Kane

John Kane is a Northerner by birth, upbringing and life experience.  He attended Phillips Andover Academy with Johnny  and then Yale University with Henry.  Though he too became a lawyer, attending Georgetown Law School in Washington DC,, his post-college career has repeatedly delved into education, starting with a one-year stint teaching American History to a multi-racial class of 7th graders as a Vista Volunteer in Kansas City, and continuing on as a federal law clerk for Judge W. Arthur Garrity in Boston, when in the early 1970s  Judge Garrity drew the case that ultimately led to the desegregation of the Boston schools.  After clerking for yet another federal judge - Judge James Browning on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, John commenced a 33-year career at the renowned Boston law firm, Ropes & Gray. 
    As many of you may know, since 2002, Helena, Arkansas has been  home to  KIPP Delta Public Schools - free, open-enrollment public charter schools.   Since 2009, John has volunteered full time at KIPP Academy Lynn and KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate High School - both public charter schools in Lynn, Massachusetts.