Joshua Shenk

"Powers of Two" — the most recent book by acclaimed essayist Joshua Wolf Shenk — ruminates on the way relationships drive creativity. Contrary to the myth of the lone genius, Shenk suggests, the real agent of discovery and innovation lies in interconnection between people who teach, challenge, and buoy each other. In his book, Shenk illuminates the varieties of this relational experience—the common ingredients shared by duos ranging from John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. Join us for a wide-ranging conversation about chemistry and creativity with a special focus on the relationship between mentors and their students. Twenty years ago, Shenk learned about the craft of non-fiction and the essay from the master writer and teacher Pat C. Hoy, who joins him on stage as interlocutor. "Powers of Two" was recently nominated by PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Nonfiction which is awarded to an author of a distinguished book of general nonfiction possessing notable literary merit and critical perspective and illuminating important contemporary issues.