Joy Moore

As the mother of Wes Moore, who spoke at the Clinton School about his best-selling memoir on overcoming the obstacles that face a fatherless, young black man, Joy Moore is constantly asked: “How did you do it?”

Joy’s answer is “presence.” Specifically, seven different ways of being a force in a child’s life, ensuring that they feel your influence. We can’t always be physically there for our children, but the power of presence can help us be a voice in the back of their minds that guides them through difficult times.

In “The Power of Presence,” Moore explores seven pillars of presence—heart, faith, mind, courage, financial freedom, values, and connectedness—that all parents can use to positively influence their children. Using compelling stories from women who have been there and practical advice on everything from savings accounts to mindfulness, this book is a compassionate look at what it takes to raise great kids, even in less than ideal circumstances.