Leonard Cassuto

Leonard Cassuto is graduate education columnist for The Chronicle of Higher Education and professor at Fordham University. In his book, The Graduate School Mess: What Caused It and How We Can Fix It, Cassuto explores the root of the problems in graduate education – students taking too long to complete their studies and facing a dismal academic job market if they succeed – and offers concrete solutions for revitalizing graduate education in the humanities. He argues that universities’ heavy emphasis on research comes at the expense of teaching and that graduate education must recover its mission of public service. He also argues that professors should revamp the graduate curriculum and broaden its narrow definition of success to allow students to create more fulfilling lives for themselves both inside and outside the academy. In The Graduate School Mess, Cassuto follows the graduate student from admissions to the dissertation and placement, and considers how each stage of graduate education is shape by unexamined assumptions and ancient prejudices that need to be critically confronted.