Lori Pompa

Lori Pompa, She is Founder and Director of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, established in 1997, creating opportunities for dialogue between those outside and those inside of our nation’s correctional facilities. As a Soros Justice Senior Fellow, she developed Inside-Out into a national model of transformative pedagogy, and is now training instructors from around the country in this teaching approach. Employing experiential and service learning pedagogies in her Criminal Justice classes, she has taken more than 7,000 students to area correctional facilities in the past 11 years, and has worked with men and women inside prison since 1985.

The Inside-Out course is a special group independent study in which a small group of “outside” students has class with a group of “inside” students in the Philadelphia Prison System and Graterford Prison. Lori’s areas of expertise are: correctional issues, race and racism, hands-on experiential learning, and community education. From 2000 to 2003, she served as Director of the College of Liberal Arts’ Office of Experiential Learning.