Michael Moran

A native of Kirkwood, Missouri, Michael J. Moran was born in 1943 in St. Louis. His father, who worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, was transferred to Little Rock in 1951. Moran later entered Catholic High School for Boys. After graduation, he attended St. John’s Seminary, Little Rock University, Catholic University of America and the University of Arkansas.

In the fall of 1968, Reverend George W. Tribou hired him to teach English at his high school alma mater in Little Rock. His first assignment was to teach the entire class of 1971 when they were sophomores. Surviving that, he eventually taught English to students in each grade level during the course of his forty-year career. Moran also taught Latin, World History, National Problems, Introductory Math and Driver Education. In 1989, the City Education Trust selected him for the Stephens Award for teachers . Having taught more than 43,000 class periods, he retired in May of 2008.