Oscar Morales

Oscar Morales, a visiting fellow at the George W. Bush Institute, was the creator of One Million Voices against FARC on Facebook and headed the largest anti-terrorism demonstration in the history of the world.

The marches against FARC were organised through Facebook in less than a month with the support of more than 400,000 volunteers, flooding the streets with more than 12 million people in over 200 cities and 40 different countries across the world on 4th February 2008.

Since then Oscar has, along with several of his partners of the movement, founded the One Million Voices Foundation, and currently serves as the Executive President, Manager of Communications & PR, and Chief Editor of their web portal. He was invited by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to visit the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, to speak to about the marches. He was also a speaker at Advertising Week 2008 in New York City, debating the use of social networks to promote and leverage social causes and their real impact in the world.

In December 2008, One Million Voices inspired the Alliance of Youth Movements, a summit in New York City gathering more than 20 youth movements and organizations from around the world that use technology and social networks to promote causes against terrorism, violence, oppression and extremism. The second summit of this Alliance recently took place Mexico City, and looks forward to gathering more youth movements from Latin America, empowered through social networks.

More recently Oscar was a speaker at Google Zeitgeist 2009, alongside One Young World founder David Jones, on the subject of Citizen Politics, and how the Internet and social networks are re-shaping the way people communicate. Oscar is also a strategist of social networks, counselling organizations in the design of social campaigns through Facebook and is currently promoting, with other young movement leaders, the creation of a Latin American Youth Network (Latytud) that will promote freedom and democratic values.

In Colombia, his One Million Voices Foundation continues to work, with the support of ex-kidnapped and demobilised members of FARC, towards the development of campaigns that aim to increase consciousness about Colombian conflict, promotion of demobilisation, anti-kidnapping and anti-terrorism campaigns.