Pati Jinich

Jinich was born and raised in Mexico. She comes from a family of accomplished cooks and food maniacs. As a political analyst, she left things related to food for her spare time. As she started to grow a family, she began to think her husband was a macho man in disguise, who wanted a wife in the kitchen, since he insisted time and again she quit her academic path to jump into cooking. 

She taught Mexican cooking to friends and neighbors. Then, she became a production assistant for the PBS food series New Tastes from Texas hosted by Chef Stephan Pyles, along with Diana Kennedy and Patricia Quintana, pioneers who helped introduce Mexican ingredients into American cooking.

Once her family moved to DC, she retook her formal path as a political analyst and received a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Georgetown. Soon after, she worked at the Inter American Dialogue, a policy research center, which she had considered her dream job.

Yet, obsessively thinking about food rather than politics, she left her job to give food a real try. In 2007, prompted by the Director of the Mexican Cultural Institute she launched Mexican Table.

Mexican Table is a culinary program which consists of a series of cooking demonstrations, tasting dinners and workshops. Through this program she tres to swing a window wide open into the fascinating world of Mexican cuisine. She helps familiarize people with its ingredients and cooking techniques, with a sprinkling of culture, history and traditions.