Start Here Little Rock

Start Here Initiative seeks to close the gap for women and minority entrepreneurs in access to capital.

Start Here, Little Rock (SHLR) is a pilot program of the Start Here Initiative with a mission to engage women and minorities in Little Rock and Central Arkansas and increase access to entrepreneurial information, resources and training.

This program is a collaboration between the Start Here Initiative and the University of Arkansas Clinton School for Public Service.

The vision of the Start Here Initiative is to improve the success of women and minority entrepreneurs in raising capital. We seek to fulfill this vision by engaging women and minority entrepreneurs and increasing access to information, resources and training.

We believe that by engaging segmented community groups, we bring more and better ideas and innovation to the table. By increasing access to the information, resources and training already available in our community, we strengthen the fabric of the entire community.  The result of increased engagement and inclusion in the entrepreneurial process is greater diversity

We are not another program on diversity. We believe the diversity of programs and resources in the community is better sourced as a result of engagement, inclusion and listening. We seek to focus on the gap that currently exists in access to funding for women and minority entrepreneurs.

In a growing economy and a vibrant startup community, it can be hard to know where to focus. That is why we launched Start Here. It is a call to our community. It is a starting place for increasing inclusion in the entrepreneurial process.