Susan P. Schoelwer

Susan P. Schoelwer is the Robert H. Smith Senior Curator of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. She has served as Mount Vernon’s curator since 2010. In her capacity, she has overseen the refurbishment and reinterpretation of George Washington’s “New Room,” the reinstallation of the greenhouse slave quarter, and several special exhibitions in the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center.

Schoelwer is the editor of The General in the Garden: George Washington’s Landscape, a collection of essays on the landscape of Mount Vernon. Before becoming curator at Mount Vernon, Schoelwer headed the Connecticut Historical Society’s collections department.

Schoelwer holds a doctorate in American Studies from Yale University, a master of arts form the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture, and a bachelor of arts in History from the University of Notre Dame.